Collector Feedback

Love the totem, great to do business with you Annette. I promise to buy from you again. Vielen Dank von Deutschland.

— P.v.M., Hannover, Germany

Perfect seller, honest, great to work with. Will Buy again. She is the best.

— N.D., Washington, USA

Thanks!! Excellent product!! Excellent craftsmanship!!! Great piece, as shown, superbly well packed, arrived quickly and safely, Chiao

— M.P., Milano, Italy

As always, prompt service with no problems. Her products are just awesome. I very much enjoy doing business with you, Annette. Well packed and fast shipping. Let's continue to do business together. Thank you.

— B. H., Ontario, Canada

Great piece of indigenous art, just as advertised, fast shipping. Immer gut mit Dir Geschäfte zu machen, Annette. MyMondo ist jetzt auf meiner Favoritenliste.

— D. P., Germany

This is a beautiful piece. Great transaction and very good communication.

— E. Ferry, Townsville, Australia

Fantastic pieces of Art! Highly recommended. Well packed and fast shipping. Thank you very much.

— M.G., Utah

What a great website and what a great seller. Your site is bookmarked!! Superb, always a pleasure to deal with you, Annette.

— L.H., Fort Nelson, BC

The mask was exactly as described (even better than pictured). Couldn't be happier.

— G.B., USA

Beautiful piece, great customer service, delivered even quicker than expected. Love all your pieces. Wish I could afford more. Thanks!

— C.K., Washington

This carving is superb, the seller is a fantastic! I intent to do business with MyMondo again. Thank you.

— M.S., Calgary, AB

This is a lovely addition to my NW Coast collection.

— M.M., New York

Very timely delivery and the carving was as described; very honest and friendly dealer; kept shipping cost as low as possible, took care of custom forms.

— M.F., Germany

I just love this carving. Just as described and pictured on your site. Perfect and smooth transaction, five stars.

— S.A. Store, Ontario

Very friendly seller, authentic pieces of Indigenous Art - really high quality and lovely to deal with. Thank you!!

— G.L., Nashville

Excellent Item! Fast shipping. Good packing. This is a AAA dealer ! Thank you so much.

— R. V., Albuqueque, New Mexico

Thank you very much from Germany. It is a very nice statue and we will make sure that your site is bookmarked for future purchases!!! Vielen Dank

— A.C., Frankfurt, Germany

Wonderful, authentic and antique wooden sculpture. Identical to the description and the pictures and as beautiful as described. So glad I found you. Many thanks.

— S. Aravi, Warsaw, Poland

What a beautiful piece and exactly as described. It definitively will enhance my collection. I love it!

— J.P., Hampstead, United Kingdom

This piece will be a top seller in my store. The box was exactly as described. Thanks for the expeditious handling and the fantastic customer service. Just a beautiful piece.

— T.B.P.A., San Francisco

This is a great piece of Haida art. Thank you for a nice and smooth transaction and the good communication. What a pleasure! Thanks again.

— S.C., USA

We love this wonderful Makonde carving. Thank you for the good communication and the solid packing. Very good buying experience.

— Kathy, Melbourne Australia

It was a pleasure dealing with you Annette. A nice and very smooth transaction with good communication. You are a great dealer indeed. Thank you.

— D.Z. Retail, Texas

My first otter, I love it! Love the seller, she really takes great care everything - perfect wrapping, The lovely dolphin also goes well in my collection. Highly recommended! Fantastic work of art. Well packaged, early arrival.

— M.L., Washington

Top-notch international vendor! Always a pleasure!! Excellent in every way, and particularly appreciate the careful packing. Outstanding international service! Most highly recommended!

— R.M., Oregon

So unique :} will so enjoy these boots, very very different ~ love them xo

— L.A., Pensilvania

Purchased as surprise gift - THE WIFE LOVES IT !!@!@!@! THANKS

— J.J., Georgia

5 +++Lovely piece, excellent craftsmanship Thanks, I’ll visit you again soon. :)

— N.W., Cowichan, Canada

Recommended - Seller is a total pleasure to do business with - Outstanding!!

— D.D., Santa Rosa USA

Awesome, better than expected!!!

— P.R., Arizona, USA

Everything went PERFECT!!! (I Don't use that word lightly)

— M.Q., Portland, USA

The Best! Thoughtful, excellent service.

— T.S, Indianapolis, USA

Very beautiful item, wife loves it, highly recommend. A+++++++++++++++++++++

— J.U., Illinois, USA