Alfred, Bruce

Bruce Alfred, a Kwakwaka’wakw artist of the Namgis band was born 1950 in Alert Bay, British Columbia. He was raised and currently resides in a village in Alert Bay, situated along the southern coast of the province, immersed in the traditional of the Kwakwaka’wakw culture. He is one of the premier artists of his nation. Alfred stems from a long line of prominent artists. He is first cousins with the renowned Hunt brothers and throughout his career has worked with such prominent artists as Wayne Alfred, Beau Dick and Richard Hunt. World-renowned artist, Doug Cranmer was instrumental in teaching Alfred the elements of designing and engraving and introduced him to the art of steam bending wood boxes and chests.Alfred’s career spans 30 years. He presently focuses on steam bent boxes and chest that are consistently elaborately carved and painted. His signature is in the shaping of the lid, which resembles a seat. This reveals a traditional style of chests owned by the Chief that sit on the box during special occasions. Bruce Alfred’s bentwood chests and boxes are highly sought after by many international collectors for their dramatic and traditional qualities. 

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