Brabant, Gene

Gene Brabant was born in Victoria British Columbia in 1946. Gene's remembers his father singing Indian songs with Mungo Martin and Henry Hunt until early in the morning. Mungo and Henry were starting the Thunderbird Park project at the Royal Museum of British Columbia when Gene was young. Gene also spent a lot of time at the museum looking at the old pieces in their collection. It was at this time that he knew he would be a carver. When Gene was 23 years old, he accepted an apprenticeship offered by Tony Hunt Sr. The way the old masters did their work was intriguing to Gene, he did a lot of travelling across Canada and the United States going to museums studying the old pieces  Although Gene is trained in the old Kwakwaka'wakw style, he still often likes to work in Nuxalk or Bella Coola style. Today, Gene's Master carvings are shown in major Galleries and Museums around the world.  Just one of many examples: Japan has a Tlingit house post made by Gene, Tony Hunt Sr., Calvin Hunt and John Livingston.

Nulamala Mask by Gene Brabant

Nulamala Mask by Gene Brabant

Fool Dancer Mask (Nulamala) by Gene Brabant


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