Joseph, Darren

Darren Joseph grew up in North Vancouver, BC and now resides in Powell River, BC. His ancestral name is “Shmoqwilum” which he received when he was 17 years old. His lifestyle is strongly based on his traditional values and beliefs that he was brought up with, and taught by his family and respected elders.

Darren began sketching and carving as a hobby by age seven and in 2003 he chose carving as a full-time career, spending many years apprenticing and being mentored with well-known carvers from the Squamish, Northern Tutchone, and Haida Nations.

Darren creates artwork that is of the highest quality with careful attention to detail. His favorite subject matter is carving masks and specializes in carving Moon Masks, Portrait Masks and Animal Masks from red and yellow cedar as well as alder. In addition to his numerous masks, Darren worked on a totem pole in 2004 and has also collaborated on 5 ocean going canoes.

You can distinguish Darren’s style by his excellent use of grain line and inner cedar bark applications. Respect for the material and thoughtfulness is demonstrated in each piece of his work as Darren enjoys challenging himself to use different techniques.

Darren is committed to carrying out his work in a responsible manner that reflects his teachings. He shares the stories and legends of First Nation peoples through his work as his intention is to keep Aboriginal culture alive through his artwork today, and for the next generations to come.

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