LaFortune, Aubrey

Aubrey LaFortune, born 1966 in Victoria, British Columbia has lived on Vancouver Island throughout his entire life. He is a member of the Tsawout First Nation. Aubrey is the youngest of 14 children. Richard Harry, his grandfather, very well known for carving canoes for competitive canoe racing, inspired him to start carving and to continue the family tradition. 

Aubrey started his career by sanding and painting at a very young age for his two oldest brothers Francis and Doug LaFortune. Very soon after that, he began carving himself under the supervision of both brothers and developed his own and unique style of carving in the Coast Salish tradition.  

Aubrey puts strong emphasis on carving works that are emotively powerful and distinctly unique. He is standing out by always putting extra details into his works. The execution of his knife-work is impeccable. His compositional arrangements are as inventive as they are complex; Aubrey’s work has been commissioned and collected throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, and Germany

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