Lancaster, Herbert (Herb)

Herbert (Herb) Lancaster was born into the ’Namgis First Nation on Alert Bay, BC to Doreen Lancaster (nee Shaughnessy) and Herbert Lancaster. Herb began carving and designing silver jewellery at a young age and was very tutored and encouraged by his older brother John. He also learned a great deal by watching his uncle, Norm Seaweed. Herb shares a studio in Victoria, BC with his two brothers and their uncle Norman Seaweed. His works depict many of the important crest figures of the Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw. Herb produces silver and gold jewellery of outstanding quality and uniqueness. He produces a full range of jewellery, which includes earrings, rings, pendants/brooches, bolo ties, bangles, belt buckles and cuff links.

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