Matilpi, Dennis

Dennis Matilpi was born at Alert Bay, B.C. in 1951. He comes from a family of artists and has been carving since 1973, originally taught by his brother, Lloyd Wadhams. He is from the Kwakwala Nation from a village on the north end of Vancouver Island. Dennis is renowned for his beautiful wood carvings, as well as silver carvings, he also produces beautiful earrings, pendants, brooches and bracelets. When he has time you may find him working on a totem pole. His inspiration comes from the natural grace and beauty of his surroundings. The Loon plays the role of Earth-Diver in some Native American tribes, being the only animal to succeed at diving to the ocean floor to bring up earth for the Creator or culture hero to make land with. In native tribes, loons are symbols of harmony, generosity, and peace

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