Pollard, Glen

Glen Pollard is a member of the Haida Nation, originating from Skidegate, a small village on Haida Gwaii, formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands in BC, Canada. It's locatedted approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of the mainland. According to tradition, the village was named after an earlier village chief, Sg̱iida-gidg̱a Iihllngas = Son of the Chiton, whose name was in the late 18th-century traders in sea otter pelts recorded as Skidegate. Between 1790 and 1820 the community was a hub for the exploitation of sea otter furs. Glen was born in 1957 and started working with Argillite at a very early age. He clearly loves this art and his exceptional attention to detail just makes him an outstanding artist. Today he is also working in silver and wood but Argillite clearly is his first love.

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