Price, Michael

Michael Price, is a member of the Lekwiltok First Nations (Part of the Kwakwakaw'wakw). Just 13 years ago, a young man stared out into the Pacific Ocean, lamenting the death of his uncle just days before. His gaze was distracted only by a floating piece of cedar, little bigger than his hand. Michael still can’t explain why, but something inspired him to rescue the driftwood from its watery fate. He pulled out his pocketknife and began to carve.

His parents were astonished that their son, who had never shown any such inclination, was now able to create such a beautifully crafted carving with no instruction. And yet his late uncle hand enjoyed such a skill. They thanked his uncle’s spirit for passing on his talent in the afterlife.

Michael Price was born August 3rd, 1975 in Campbell River, BC. His father is a member of the Lekwiltok First Nation at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island, BC. Michael’s mother is from Village Island, BC – The Mamalillikula Band. Although Michael only began carving at the age of 22, he quickly realized this to be his life’s vocation. Since then, he has worked to create a prolific body of work gradually perfecting his technique and his own unique style.

Michael’s work is characterized by meticulous accuracy and attention to detail. His carvings embody smooth flowing curves, and a muted palette that respects the Kwakiutl tradition. He carves mostly in Red and Yellow cedar, from old growth trees of the Pacific North West

Sisiutl - Sea Serpent, by Michael Price

Sisiutl - Sea Serpent, by Michael Price

Sisiutl - Sea Serpent, by Michael Price


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