Weir, Alex (Dalbert)

Alex Weir is a member of the Haida nation, born 1940's, originating from Haida Gwaii. He grew up watching the elders in Masset Village carving and way later moved to Vancouver. When he was 14 he started working, going wherever the work was, fishing in Alaska, logging in Haida Gwaii, Security guard in Seattle etc. He also went to 'Ksan Village near Hazelton where he learned from master carvers. The love for this art kept him going through many rough years or poverty and suffering in his life, even when his tools and knifes (and with that his livelihood) were stolen from him, he never gave up and today he is a very well known and loved master of this art and his pieces are highly sought after. He mainly carves masks and paddles - always using traditional colors and lots of details.

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