Williams, Sanford

Born (on a boat, on the ocean en route to) Esperanza, BC, Sanford Williams was raised in Yuquot, otherwise known as Friendly Cove—the birthplace of British Columbia. Influenced by his uncle at a young age, Williams developed a passion and talent for woodcarving traditional west coast art, and pursued his dream after graduating highschool to continue his post-secondary education in Hazelton, BC at the Gitanmaax School of Art.

Known and respected in the native art community, Sanford Williams has had his carvings on display, sold, and auctioned in some of BC’s finest native art galleries, notably The Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia and charitable events such as the Canucks for Kids Fund.

For two months during the Uchuck's summer season, Sanford works in the beautiful remote community of Friendly Cove, welcoming all tourists and guests to visit his ocean-view workshop.

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