Mother Bear with 2 cubs by Aubrey LaFortune

Mother Bear with 2 cubs by Aubrey LaFortune


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Amazing size, amazing quality - and, well, adorable!

Have a look at this piece of art by artist Aubrey LaFortune from the Tsawout First Nation (Coast Salish). Showing large Mother Bear, playing with 2 little cubs. DEEP cuts and just - lots of details. Good cub wants to be just like Mom and is behaving, while cheeky cub is playing around and trying to escape mothers embrace.... 

This is one solid piece of wood - very heavy, very impressive. It's not a new carving and does show some very minor signs of gentle handling on the edges, nothing unexpected. It's just an absolutely incredible and impressive piece - the images truly don't do it justice. I tried to show the depth of the carving, please have a close look. Images are taken in sunlight

Measurements: 41" x 17" x 2" (104 x 43 x 5 cm)

A Legend:  In West Coast culture, there are several legends telling of a Chief's daughter being abducted by a bear. The high ranking woman had been out in the woods picking berries and stepped on some Bear dung and began to curse out loud, insulting their cleanliness. Two Bears nearby heard her and decided they would not tolerate such insolence. They felt the disrespectful woman had to be punished. To do this, one Bear transformed himself into a very handsome man who approached this woman, and seductively lured her to accompany him to his mountain home. When she did, she fell in love with him and became partially Bear-like herself. She later married him and had twin cubs. Their children were born as little creatures that resembled bears who could metamorphose themselves into human form like their father. The woman's brothers eventually found her and, in an unequal contest, killed her husband. They returned to the village but the two bear sons did not feel comfortable and eventually left to return to the forest. All Bear Clan members are descended from this woman and her two sons

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Aubrey LaFortune, born 1966 in Victoria, British Columbia has lived on Vancouver Island throughout his entire life. He is a member of the Tsawout First Nation. Aubrey is the youngest of 14 children. Richard Harry, his grandfather, very well known...Artist bio and other available works »

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