34" x 22" Dzonokwa Mask by Jonathan Jacobson

34" x 22" Dzonokwa Mask by Jonathan Jacobson

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A piece to impress!! This extravagant piece of Art is truly special. Have a close look at the images, its so powerful

34" tall, 22" wide (!!!!) cedar Dzonokwa (Wild Woman) Mask

hand carved, hand painted and designed by Kwakiulth First Nation artist Jonathan Jacobson. 

How unique, how special and how amazing is this piece... This one truly makes every room, or would look great in an entrance area - a wow-piece! Not only because of it's size (and it is HUGE) - but also because of the powerful expression, very intense!

The face is decorated with horse hair and cedar bark and fur, it's also adorned with cedar rope, the forehead is inlaid with lots of Abalone's (mother of pearl), well, actually the mask is inlaid with Abalone all around have a close look. Very vibrant colors combined with the black gives this piece a remarkable presence. Easy recognizable as Jonathan's piece - grandiose and captivating. Signed at the back, prepared for wall hanging

Measurements: approx. 34" tall, 22" wide, 10" deep (incl. cedar decoration and hair, wood itself is 26" x 18" x 10" 

I show 2 images with Jonathan holding it so you can easy visualize the massive size of this piece.... 

Meaning: The Dzunukwa, or Wild Woman, is a figure in Kwakwaka'wakw mythology. She is an ancestor of the Namgis clan through her son, Tsilwalagame. She is venerated as a bringer of wealth, but is also greatly feared by children, because she is also known as an ogress who steals children and carries them home in her basket to eat. Fortunately  she is not the brightest so children are usually able to escape from her basket. Her appearance is that of a naked, black in color, old monster with long pendulous breasts. She is also described as having bedraggled hair. In masks and totem pole images she is shown with bright red pursed lips because she is said to give off the call "Hu!" It is often told to children that the sound of the wind blowing through the cedar trees is actually the call of Dzunuḵ̓wa.

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About This Artist

Jonathan Jacobson is a member of the Kwakwakaw’wakw First Nation, originating from Kingcome Inlet, BC, now living in Fort Rupert, a small town on Vancouver Island. Jonathan clearly loves his art and loves to experiment with...Artist bio and other available works »

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