Blue Heron's in Love by Charles George Sr.

Blue Heron


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This is such an elegant and nice piece of Indigenous art from the North American First Nations

Lovebirds!!! Blue Heron's in LOVE, on salmon base by artist Charles George Sr., a member of the Heiltsuk First Nations from Bella Bella.

How adorable!!! The expression is so powerful

Each Heron shows the Raven and the Orca in the body. Each is fully hand carved on both sides!! The details are really nice, the heron is carved in clean lines, stained, painted and polished.

Even the very large salmon base salmon is so detailed. Both pieces, the heron and the salmon are fully hand carved and hand painted. Signed underneath the base.

Measurements: 23" tall, the salmon base is 13" x 6" x 1" 

Meaning: In the native culture of the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations, the Heron is known to be a “lucky charm” for successful fishing. He is a symbol of grace, elegance, patience and good luck. At the same time Heron’s are known to be loner and in some tribes are associated with weakness for flattery and vanity

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About This Artist

Charles “Charlie” George is originally from Bella Bella, in British Columbia’s Central Coast region. He’s a Heiltsuk First Nations wood carver, and has been honing his craft for more than 50 years. His hands are worn...Artist bio and other available works »

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