Butterfly Man Mask by Rylan Amos

Butterfly Man Mask by Rylan Amos


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Gorgeous contemporary First Natiions Mask by the Nootka First Nation Artist Rylan Amos


decorated with lots of cedar bark, absolutely stunning and clean painting with a mesmerizing expression

vibrant colors - just really a very decorative piece of Indigenous Art 

Measurements: 15" tall, 9" wide, 4" deep (ca. 39 x 23 x 10 cm)

The Legend of the Butterfly Man: A Tolowin woman went out to gather food. She took her child with her, and while she worked, she stuck the point of the gradle-board in the ground and left the child alone. A large butterfly flew past, she started after it and chased it for a long time. She would almost catch it and then just miss. She thought perhaps I can’t run fast enough because of this heavy thing and she through away her deer skin robe, but still she never could quite overtake the creature. Finally she through away her apron too and hurried on, chasing the butterfly until night came. Then, her child forgotten, she laid down under a tree and went to sleep. 

When she awoke in the morning, she found a man lying beside her. He said you have followed me this far, perhaps you would like to follow me always. Without thinking of her child at all, the woman rose and followed the butterfly man. By and by they came to a large valley who’s southern side was full of butterflies. When the two reached the edge of the valley, the man said: “no one ever has come through this valley alive. But you will be safe if you don’t loose side of me. Follow closely”. They traveled for a long time. “Keep tight hold of me, don’t let go”  the butterfly man said again and again. When they had come half way through the valley other butterflies swarmed about them in great numbers. They flew every way all around the couples head and their faces for they wanted to get the Tolowin woman for themselves. She watched them for a long time, holding tightly to her new husband - but at last, unable to resist, she let go of him and reached out to seize one of the others. She missed that one and she tried to grab now one, now the other, but always failed. 

And so she wondered in the valley forever, days and lost. She died there and the Butterfly man she had lost went on through the valley to his home. And now, when people speak of the olden times, they say that this woman lost her lover and tried to get others but lost them and went crazy and died. 

Based on a tale reported by Roland Dixon, 1904

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About This Artist

Rylan Amos, born 1977, is a member of the Hesquiat First Nation (part of the Nuu-chah-nulth or also called Nootka First Nations Group), originating from the Pacific North West coast of Vancouver Island. He started carving when he was 10 years old...Artist bio and other available works »

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