Owl Mask by Detreck George

Owl Mask by Detreck George


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Very nice piece, one of Detreck's earlier works, solid cedar wood

OWL Mask

hand carved cedar, hand painted, the eyes are outstanding due to the Abalone inlays, really nice! It shows some minor signs of gentle handling/aging and darkening of the wood/patina, but is a very impressive piece, original and authentic!

Just such a beautiful expression, the lines are clean and deep, the painting is traditional, and still showing off the beauty and natural grain of the cedar, simple but rich in expression, showing the talent of the artist even at a young age. 

Measurements: 12 1/2" high x 12" wide x 10" deep (ca 32 x 30 x 26 cm)

Meaning: The Owl is associated with the souls of ancestors and are viewed with high respect. They symbolize wisdom, intuition and prophecies and sacred knowledge.  

approx. $465 USD depending on exchange rate at date of sale

Shipping overseas is available, but please contact me for detailed quote either through the contact page on this side, or just call 778-350-3555 - Thanks


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Gone way to soon.... our friend Detreck will be missed dearly, our sincerest condolences to his family. Detreck George is a member of the Coast Salish First Nation, originating from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada's Pacific Northwest...Artist bio and other available works »

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