Phishing Sites and Scams

Hello to all my customers

Recently, we have seen an uptick in fraudulent websites and social media ads attempting to scam first nations art collectors and buyers with “too good to be true” discounts and counterfeit products. These sites use tools to scrape the authentic websites, pulling legitimate logos and product images and uploading them to fraudulent storefronts. These fake sites will take payment via credit card, PayPal, or other digital payment and then ship incorrect, counterfeit, or even worse, no products at all. Many genuine art galleries and e-commerce stores have been targeted.

We have written this article to help our customers to identify counterfeit and fraudulent websites and social media ads, and protect themselves from scammers posing as legitimate vendors.

How do I know if a site selling a My Mondo Trading art piece is legitimate?

Screen capture of phishing site

Here is an example of a fraud (screen capture at right)

They are all fraudulent. My Mondo Trading does not have retailers or resellers. If you see our watermark on a photo or our name in the description on any other site it is not legitimate.

How can I tell if I'm at the official My Mondo Trading website?

There is only one authentic My Mondo Trading e-commerce website: Many fraudulent websites will add words, letters, or numbers to our URL to mimic sites and deceive you. Examples of this are:,,, etc... 

Other things to look out for: "too good to be true" discounts.

If you see a My Mondo Trading art piece offered at a discount that seems too good to be true, it is a scam. You will never see our art on sale.

Spelling errors or poorly written product copy and policy statements.

Many fraudulent sites are based internationally. After carefully scanning their website information, particularly their return and shipping policies, the use of inconsistent and broken English becomes apparent. If simple words and grammar are misspelled or used incorrectly, take this as a red flag: the website is certainly fraudulent.

The official contact information for My Mondo Trading is only available at

We have encountered fraudulent sites that list our official contact information. If you are on any other site besides and are directed to contact, take this as an immediate red flag and do not contact or purchase through that site.

Fraudulent ads on social media.

There are fraudulent ads on social media and email offering fake discounts on My Mondo Trading art pieces. Do not click or buy from these ads or share them with others via your social media account. My Mondo Trading does not place paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. We are actively reporting information to remove scam ads when we hear about them.

What is My Mondo Trading doing about this?

My Mondo Trading reports all fraudulent sites, ads and retailers to (hopefully) remove them from the Internet.