Gilbert, Jim

Jim Gilbert ( 1932 - 2000) was Born and raised on southern Vancouver Island, author/artist Jim Gilbert had a lifetime of exposure to, and experience with, Pacific Northwest Coast aboriginal art. For the thirty years, Jim was a serious student of the culture, heritage and art of the "Coastal First Nations People". He was also influenced by his father, Harry who painted and carved in the Native style. A versatile and award winning artist, Jim worked in all mediums in both traditional and contemporary art styles. All his designs are original, using centuries-old conventional design elements, structure and colour. His artworks can be found in collections worldwide. Jim’s understanding of effective methods of passing on artistic knowledge and skills is partly the result of experience gained while teaching First Nations art in Victoria public schools and through giving workshops and seminars. Jim also used his artistic skills to create over fifteen hundred original illustrations. Over the years, Jim was commissioned by a number of First Nations peoples to produce carvings and silver jewellery to be used for ceremonial activities. These pieces have been used with the Haida, Salish and Kwagult (Kwakwaka'wakw) Nations. Jims continuing desire was to pass on his knowledge and appreciation for the art. In his own words: "It is important to pass-on what I have learned and to make other aware of the value of the finest and most sophisticated art form ever developed by an aboriginal people".

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