Horne, Terry (Chief)

Chief Terry Horne, is a member of the Yakweakwioose Band of the Coast Salish First Nation. He was born in Chilliwack in British Columbia and carries the ancestral name of the Siyemches, a name passed down to him by his grandfather, Frank Malloway. His education took place while working under the direction of his father, Francis Horne, and uncle, Doug Lafortune. His brother is well-known carver, Francis Horne Jr. Terry assisted his uncle in the completion of two 30-foot totem poles for Butchart Gardens' 100th Anniversary in Victoria. My most recent public works, two- 12ft welcome figures and two-12ft welcome poles, are located in Chilliwack on Tzeachten First Nations land.

Chief Horne is a talented Coast Salish artist with over 20 years of experience. His artwork has been exhibited in countries around the world in numerous galleries. His preferred artistic medium is wood, mainly red cedar, from which he carves house posts, totem poles and masks.

In 2019 Terry carved a 7 feet tall, 2 feet wide house post for the Chilliwack YMCA which traditionally, were structural supports in their longhouses. The house posts told stories and also family history.  

“I was born and raised in Chilliwack but lived in Saanich for a couple years. I am passionate about art, obviously, but I am also passionate about my role in leadership within my community of Yakweakwioose and others. I also spend summer months racing war canoes throughout Coast Salish territory and family matters the most to me”

Spirit (Ghost) Shaman Mask by Chief Terry Horne

Spirit (Ghost) Shaman Mask by Chief Terry Horne

Spirit (Ghost) Shaman Mask by Chief Terry Horne from the Yakweakwioose Band


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