Matilpi, Oscar

Oscar Johnson Matilpi (Ozzi), (1933 - 1999) son of  Ned and Grace Matilpi was born in Freshwater Bay, B.C, and lived mostly in Alert Bay and Victoria. Oscar was for many years a fisherman, logger and in later life a carver. His carving skills were taught to him by his brother-in-law Henry Hunt sr. Both worked together at the Thunderbird Park in Victoria, BC in the 1960's with other great artists including Henry Hunt's sons Richard Hunt and Tony Hunt sr., John Livingston, Tim Paul, Lawrence Bell, David Gladstone, David Martin, and Bill Reid. Oscar continued to carve for the rest of his life and took great pride in the work that he produced. He carved many masks, totem poles and potlatch masks. 

Besides the pieces in the Royal Museum of British Columbia (a Sisiutl mask and a Sisiutl feast dish), the Children's Museum of Philadelphia (Raven Transformation Mask) and a towering pole that stands in North Vancouver, there are many pieces in museums and private collections across Canada and the U.S. Oscar carved many masks, totem poles and potlatch masks. However, His favourite figure was the Sisiutl. In 1999, Oscar's casket was adorned with a Sisiutl design that was done by John Livingston and Richard Hunt.

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