Nahanee, Keith Sr.

Keith Nahanee Sr. (Kwetsimet), a Coast Salish artist who specializes in wood carvings as well as wool weaving and traditional regalia and ceremony items. For the “Expo” in 1974 in Spokane Washington he made 9 Coast Salish wall paintings, two 8 ft. totem poles and one 12 ft. totem pole. He has made blue prints for 3 long houses. He also has designed and implemented the Coast Salish painting on the bow of the Squamish Nation sea going canoe “kaxuih” in 2007. Keith made a 7.5’ spindle whorl for the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Center in Whistler in 2010. After that he wove a huge blanket for the North Vancouver Museum and Archives.

Seal Feast Bowl by Keith Nahanee Sr. (Kwetsimet)

Seal Feast Bowl by Keith Nahanee Sr. (Kwetsimet)

Vintage Seal Feast Bowl by Keith Nathanee, dated 1975, signed, Salish Nation


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