Williams, Rick

Rick Williams, born 1955 in Seattle, is a seventh generation Nitinaht carver of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations of Vancouver Island, Canada. His teacher and mentor was his father Ray Williams. Ray, taught his skills and knowledge to his oldest son Rick and his brothers and sisters as well as a few other local carvers lucky enough to get an apprenticeship. Ray Williams passed away in 1988.

In early 2012 Rick and his son Eagleson carved a 34' totem pole in honour of his brother John T. Williams. John was shot dead in the streets of Seattle. The pole was raised in Seattle Center on February 26 of the same year. Rick still carves today. His positive attitude and wisdom make him a pleasure to be around. Each piece of his art is amazingly detailed and masterfully hand. He has memorized and mastered 250 traditional designs and has developed his own detail and style. Rick is one of the best and most accomplished carvers in Seattle and possibly the entire indigenous world.  

The large Williams family of artists has been carving for many generations. The result of this long family tradition is a style that is not only traditional and technically skilful, but also aesthetically pleasing . 

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