Woman of the Sea (Qaniqilak) Mask by David Knox (danced)

Woman of the Sea (Qaniqilak) Mask by David Knox (danced)


Woman of The Sea Mask (3 ft) An absolute stunning piece of fine native Pacific Northwest Coast Art!!

This master piece was designed, handcrafted, hand carved (solid cedar!), hand painted by David Mungo Martin Knox (great grandson of Chief Mungo Martin)

The mask is adorned with lots of cedar bark - decorated with copper - incredible expression. Please have a close look at the images, you will recognize absolutely superb craftsmanship by David, lots of details and very clean painting - David paid so much attention to details - sea hedgehogs on each shoulder, copper in fins and forehead - absolutely stunning.

Measurements: 3 ft (36") wide, total height: 2 ft (24"), the face itself is 13" x 10" x 8" without the fin - it's a massive piece 

Condition: fabulous!! (for safety reasons it will be shipped in 4 parts - very easy to assemble - all screws will be provided)

Meaning: Kumugwe or Qaniqilak, Copper Maker or Wealthy one is the spirit of the summer season, is often identified as the sea god, the "Undersea Chief" God of the Land beneath the sea; Kumugwe is associated with tremendous wealth and lives with his wife (the lady of the sea) in an undersea palace made of copper planks guarded by an assortment of sea creatures. It is said that the posts of this house are living sea lions and its doors are giant, snapping mouths, and that within the walls of his palace is hidden great treasure. If a mortal could reach the sea god's palace alive they would return as wealthy and powerful men, for Kumugwe can bestow not only wealth but also magical powers. 

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Hereditary Chief David Mungo Knox is a member of the Kwakiulth First Nations. He is the great-grandson of Chief Mungo Martin and comes from a great line of Hereditary Chiefs, Master carvers and skilled dancers. He started his carving career by...Artist bio and other available works »

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