Grant, Kolten Khasalus

Kolten Khasalus Grant was born in 1992 and raised on the Capilano reserve in North Vancouver (xemulchestun) with relations to the Baker family.Khasalus means the action of walking guests from their canoe on the beach to my big house – or “walking with chiefs”. Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw, Kwakuilth, Squamish, and st’a’mic. Kolten started carving when he was becoming a father. He asked his uncle Klatle Bhi to teach him to carve. “I’m forever thankful for this as it awoken my spirit, and my deep rooted connection with red cedar”.  

Kolten comes from the house of Lilawagila from Gwa’yi (Kingcome Inlet), Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw., the Nelson family. His family also descends from the Kwakiutl of Tsaxis (Fort Rupert), the Hunt family. Kolten’s grandmother is from a beautiful town called D’arcy in British Columbia which is home to the N’Quatqua and his roots are strong there. “Even though the art does not flow from there, my work ethic does”


E'mas Mask (Ancestor Mask) by Kolten Khasalus Grant

E'mas Mask (Ancestor Mask) by Kolten Khasalus Grant

Stunning, high quality E'mas (Ancestor) Mask, by Kolten Khasalus Grant

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